Zara Spreads Spanish Style Wordwide


There is more to fashion than usual European and American labels most of us think about when considering where one can find great fashion. Seeing that Zara is going strong these days, having opened up 100 new stores which included stores in France and China, we figured it’d be worth taking a look to see what they’re doing that the rest of us do not know about, as well as see what other great Spanish brands are out there, because we all need something new and different for our wardrobe. Zara is a Spanish label that represents the Inditex Group; a distributor of high-end labels, their equivalent of LMVH with great stores that are relatively unknown such as Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home & Kiddy’s Class.

If you really want to know about Zara’s influence, just ask Louis Vuitton fashion director Daniel Piette, who suggested that Zara was “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world”, or CNN, who penned them as a “Spanish success story“.  We’ve told you before how H&M was offering a newer, more luxurious line that could compete with designer chic labels on their own turf; Zara is offering something completely different in their stores every week, which makes their designs scarce and creates a sense of urgency in consumers looking to purchase an item.

But where do you find this great merchandise? Zara clothing is all over the place, and can be found through a number of their stores in New York, including locations on 5th Avenue, Broadway, and Lexington Ave. If nothing else, a taste of what Zara has to offer should pique your interest in other brands, such as Massimo Dutti, which specializes in high-end men’s fashion. Zara is merely continuing a tradition that began with designers such as Oscar de la Renta and is popularized by artists such as Angel Vilda who are offering newer, fresher interpretations of classic style.

The next time you’re out looking for something new, why not consider some of the great brands the Spanish culture has offered us. Besides, we know that you have some of that trendy Custo Barcelona merchandise in your closet.

– Chris Kendalls



  1. I travel the world with my business, and found Zara Mens & Womens wear the best value and fabulous style I have found.
    The ‘Zara Night Homme cologne’is by the best I have tried…but sadly Zaqra shops do not exist in Australia due to private commercial arrangements…which is so unfair for consumers.
    I’ve shopped Zara in Japan,Singapore,Athens,London,Paris…but Melbourne & Sydney dont exist on the world radar..yet we spend big money on personalitems…Cheers.