Clad Like the Gandy


It must be hard being David Gandy. Not only is the British male model the most in-demand in the men’s fashion industry, he’s also one of the most-gushed about guys in the glossy weekly mags, propelling him from beautiful anonymity to bona fide celebrity status. He’s seen at premieres, openings, soirees and on primetime chat shows; the kind of rarefied world your average clotheshorse never gets near. Brand Gandy is well and truly under … [Read more...]

The Sad Demise of Tie Rack


Closing Down Sales can often be misleading marketing ploys. Canny shop-owners combine price reductions with supply-ceasing, which they sum up in the yard-sale informality: “Everything Must Go.” Gullible shoppers, mysteriously eager to respond to such commands, comply dutifully. The sale period ended, the shop owners return to their normal pricing structure and carry on as usual; no bailiffs, no bulldozers and no bankruptcy. “It’s all … [Read more...]

Sartorial Stereotypes: Christmas Day Knitwear


Black Cashmere V Neck The Black Cashmere V Neck man has had a good year and, tastefully and quietly, he wants everyone to know it. A resolute bachelor, he lives in a family-sized flat without the slightest hint of guilt. His slick steel fridge in his Calacatta-covered kitchen is full: a batch of vintage Krug that was once gifted to, but never consumed by, Mikhail Gorbachev and non-farmed Beluga (illegal and criminally expensive at $5,000 a … [Read more...]

Internet Tailoring Series: Interview with Andreu Fernandez of Tailor4Less


Let’s face it. Internet tailoring is like a lottery draw held in the middle of a soggy minefield during an electrical storm: if something can go wrong, it probably will. You’re uncertain. You doubt them. I hear you; which is why I am interviewing a series of these firms to get the individual lowdown on their product and service. For the second interview, I spoke with Andreu Fernandez of Tailor4Less. 1. What is the Tailor4Less … [Read more...]

Why Retro Style Will Always Win


One of the things you can be certain of, aside from a visit from the grim reaper and the tax man – who are, in many people’s books, one and the same thing – is that fashions will always change and will inevitably provide much mirth and embarrassment once they have ceased to be the vogue. It is said that the strangeness of fashion increases in direct proportion to the time elapsed since its peak. A good test is to watch movies filmed … [Read more...]