The ‘White’ Dinner Jacket


"The only person who looked good in a white dinner jacket was Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. And that's only because it was filmed in black and white." The above comment was made to me by an acquaintance when discussing a wedding I am due to attend later this year at a palm-treed, sandy-beach resort hotel in a particularly warm part of the world. The occasion, seemed to me, to suggest the use of the 'white' dinner jacket instead of black; the … [Read more...]

I Am Dandy Launch Party 17th September


Book titles have never really meant that much to me. I generally couldn’t care less if a great book has the right name. It wouldn’t matter to me if Maugham’s ‘Of Human Bondage’ was actually called ‘Book 1’ or Fitzgerald’s masterpiece was titled something prosaic like ‘Poor Boy’s Rise and Fall.’ However, when I learned that writer Natty Adams and photographer Rose Callahan’s impressive compendium of international … [Read more...]

Notes of a Fuddy Duddy


I am no longer what is universally considered a 'young man.' I know this because someone informed me of the fact very recently, touching me firmly on the wrist as they might a nervous patient to whom they were dispensing a diagnosis. I also know it because I have recognised in myself some peculiar fuddy duddyness: skepticism is creeping over me like a vine,  I have an increasing desire for solitude and am starting to adopt the inherited … [Read more...]

Notes On The Modern Interpretation Of Craftsmanship


Craft; there’s nothing quite like it. Just think of it. What else can justify the length of time it takes from commission to delivery other than ‘craftsmanship’? “Thank you sir, this will take two months” the assistant says coolly. “Ok. Can I pay more to have it done quicker?” “It won’t be much quicker than that, I’m afraid sir. You see, this is not a fashion emporium. We employ craftsmen.” “Ah. Ok. So I … [Read more...]

Sartorial Stereotypes: Shorts


The Cargo The Cargo Man is in what he calls a “happy” marriage. An IT consultant and the father of three young rapscallions – who constantly pester him for ice creams and piggy-back rides – he spends the summer holiday carting his brood around EuroDisney. His wife, once pretty but now jaded by tiredness, picks up the rear, peering at him silently through her mumsy sunglasses as her children fidget through the pockets in his Cargo … [Read more...]