A Blazer for Every Occasion


The blazer is one of those iconic staple items that virtually every man, regardless of age or profession, has at least one of in their closet. Whether it is the standard, blue, prep school blazer or something more intricate, a blazer is a must-have object that is as versatile as it is diverse.

There is no substitute for a blazer in situations that demand a dressier or even more chic attire. European, slim cuts are much preferable to boxy, American sport coats, which unfortunately proliferate all throughout politicians’ circles and middle management. The best attributes are darted wastes, side vents and a two-button maximum.

Easily the most conservative variety are blue sport coats, which often come standard with gold buttons. While there is a fair amount of dissent as to the stylishness and aesthetic value of gold buttons, I maintain that they are both ugly as well as puerile due to their association with young students and “family style” sit-down dinners at boarding school. I believe the only acceptable place for a gold button blazer is if you are channeling John F. Kennedy on a yachting trip.
Versace Suit Jacket $1,195

The velvet blazer, besides having enjoyed a comeback as the trendy item du jour, is a great item to wear out for a night on the town. Pair it with dark, slim jeans and patent leather shoes and you have one of the most stylish looks of the day. This particular blazer has all the trademarks of a modern sport coat. The fitted waste, the single button closure, peak lapels and satin trimming are all fashionable elements that one should look for in a ‘going-out’ blazer.
Two a.m. velvet blazer $135

The corduroy blazer instantly provides an air of academia to its wearer and is easier to dress down than up. Because it looks great with almost any pair of jeans, it’s the ideal jacket to throw on during the weekend with sneakers or loafers. Finding one that is fitted with either one or two buttons is important for counteracting the stuffiness that is inherent in the fabric.
Barney’s Co-op sport coat $119

When summer comes around (though that’s now a sadly distant thought), a seersucker blazer is both a stylish and preppy alternative to other styles. Seersucker, being rumpled, is intrinsically casual so it’s a cool look with jeans and a crisp white dress shirt or can be worn with a t-shirt for a younger and more informal feel.
Juicy Couture Seersucker Blazer $325