Aveda’s Pure-formance Performance


Men’s Pure-formance products? Fine, I’m not wild about the name, but if you cut through all that slick marketing factor, you’re looking at a very interesting product. I’m always on the search for cool new products for men, and I have several willing guinea pigs to give each product a try along with me.

And with Aveda’s newest additions, we’ve gotten a taste of seven new products to promote healthy scalps and clean skin, and that’s not bad at all. The good thing about Aveda is that it always smells good, no matter what. If you get a whiff of a Pure-formance product, you’ll get to enjoy spearmint, citrus, vetiver, and lavender.

Featured Aveda’s Pure-formance:

• Grooming Clay: Hate shine? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll be able to add shape—and thickness—without shine.

Who’s It Good For? People with thin hair and style-heads who loathe shininess but crave texture.
Who’s It Bad For? Those who don’t like scented products—this one is heavy on the essential oils.

• Liquid Pomade: This awesome styling product is just right for those of us who want extra moisture in our hair, and want to try something super new.

Who’s It Good For?
Someone looking for movement without stiffness.
Who’s It Bad For? I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t like change. Liquid pomade can be new and unusual, so you may want a try a practice run before you slam some in your hair and go.

• Shampoo: I know what you’re thinking—boring! But this one’s really not. This shampoo can calm the itchies, heal an irritated scalp, and add a ton of shine. Look at the stats—according to Aveda, 72% experienced less oily and greasy, and 65% reduced scalp dryness and itchiness.

Who’s It Good For?
Those with scalp issues should definitely give it a try.
Who’s It Bad For? If you’re not into citrus and tingling mint, avoid this one. Go for something gentler like Johnson’s and a creamy conditioner.

Are you wondering what else could possibly be good about the new Aveda? You can look great and get something off your conscience as well: green products that contain post consumer waste. So wash your face (or hair) and smile, ’cause you’re saving the earth.

Are you looking for other brands to check out? If you haven’t tried it yet, I would look into MenScience Microfine Face Scrub, which is a 2007 Men’s Health Magazine Grooming Awards winner. Not only does this product prep your skin perfectly with a medium-gauge grain, but it uses two great ingredients to speed the process (glycolic and salicylic acids). I give it my stamp of approval, and steal it from my partner for pre-tanning exfoliation.