How to Shop for a Wardrobe on a Budget


Shopping on a budget can be much more difficult for men. Women have many options to choose from, plenty of budget buys, and also a healthy selection from multiple shops. Men, on the other hand, seem to face a little bit of a tougher situation: often it can seem like you need to either make the commitment to sacrifice for your own style, or be stuck paying big bucks.

Fortunately, things don’t need to be this way. Frugal men may not be fashionistas by definition (primarily because they’re not chicks, but also because affordable shopping simply isn’t as common), but there are plenty of places to get affordable, comfortable clothes for a fraction of what you may pay now.

5 Things You Need to Know About Budget Shopping:

1. You can’t ignore the big guys.
Target, TJ Maxx, and Kohl’s are just some examples of major shops that can be scoffed at by the more stylish folk. No matter where you usually shop, you can pick up essentials at seasonal sales at shops like TJ Maxx for 80% off or more.

2. Fit is essential.
It doesn’t matter how much you spend if what you’re wearing looks bad. Aim for well-fitting—but more affordable pieces with the help of a shopping buddy. Don’t scoff—it’s not just a woman’s thing, and it’s darn better than coming home with a pile of items that you may not want. Instead, have a friend come with you for just a few hours, and bribe them with whatever you can.

Conversely, don’t just choose something to wear because it’s affordable. Even if you find an amazing pair of designer trousers, who cares how much you saved if they’re high and tight?

3. Realize that you can make changes.
Your relationship with your tailor is priceless. You can get to know ways to spot a deal that can easily be altered to fit your shape, and items that are beyond repair. You’ll save a lot more if you buy a pair of trousers and get them taken in a little in the waist than if you wait for the perfect pair and continue to buy full-price until then!

4. Review your designers.
Do you have a favorite look? Take a peek on a style and fashion site to see what big-name designers have the same runway looks as you, and then compare that to sneak peeks of major discount retailer’s top collections. You’ll know what stores probably won’t carry what you’re looking for, and you can devote time to places that look promising. Field work is everything in the world of budget fashion!

5. Depend on easier dressing concepts to help you save.
Love the idea of saving a few bucks, but are you shaky on composing looks from scratch? Dress monochromatically! Base your outfit on a rich color like brown or charcoal, and wear similar colors together. As a bonus, you will also look taller and slimmer.



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