Shopping: Classic Summer Hats


Archaeological evidence shows that people had discovered the tendency for fibers to mat together when warm and damp, and in weaving and pressing these fibers together, were able to make coverings for their heads which allowed air flow and kept off rain.

Hence, the hat.

Hats as we know them have come along way from the matted caps of our forefathers. Today hats are sign of individuality, as individual as the expression of your favorite home team logo on a baseball hats to the hint of mystery in the fedora.

Men’s summer hats in fashion for this year revisit some favorites, as well as bring out some new fibers for a classic look and fit. Summer styles this year include the Canvas Drover, the classic Panama, the structured fedora, and the always popular baseball cap.

Baseball caps have been around for as long as, well, baseball. While they will always be a part of the American men’s head gear club, fashions are moving toward a more “formal casual” style these days, and summer hats are also a reflection of that movement. The following is a review of the top three men’s summer hats from the store:

Canvas drover hatThe Canvas Drover is a canvas brimmed hat with flow through mesh sides and is fully foldable as well as lightweight. The Drover has a wider brim for sun protection and can be worn for all your outdoor adventures, as well as looking good at the after adventure parties. Barmah Hat Company makes one of the best Drovers and they sell for around $30.00. B.C. Hats and Cov-ver Hat companies are the second and third leading hat companies, respectively, next to Barmah, and all three can be found online at

men's hat panamaThe traditional Panama straw hats are forever in style, like a good pair of Levis, and if you’re going to purchase the traditional, purchase the classic. Stetson, Borsalino Milan, or Delmonico. The Stetson Airway is made from genuine Panama Straw woven in Ecuador, undyed to retain its natural color with a leather hatband and a brim width of 3.” It sells for around $50.00. The Borsalino straw is also woven in Ecuador, but the hat is manufactured and finished in Italy. It has a black silk grosgrain band with a 2 and one half brim width and has the Borsalino emblem embossed in gold on the brow. With a pinched front crown, this classic panama straw hat is one of the very best, $130.00. The Delmonico Panama is woven in Ecuador but blocked in the United States. It is of the same high quality as the Borsalino but did not make the trip to Europe, which lowers it price to $75.00

classic hats fedoraThe Fedora conjures up gangsters and private eyes; this cool hat from a simpler era is also made by Borsalino and runs around $180.00. It is made in Italy and has a 2 and a quarter inch brim width. This exceptionally soft hat is water proof yet has a full silk lining. The Bailey light felt Fedora is crush proof, in that it is suitcase ready and always springs back into shape. The Bailey fedora comes in (among other colors) bright red and is $40.00.

All hats are available online at