Chukka Boots Picks


If you haven’t already, get yourself a pair of chukkas. These ankle-high boots—often designed for an active lifestyle—can fit a sophisticated, city life or a weekend country outing effortlessly. Chukka boots don’t have to be heavy. They can be totally streamlined, well-shaped, and stylish, but if you are into a more rugged look, then there will certainly be a pair for you, too.Brought to mainstream popularity by the mods in a ’60s, chukka boots were lightweight, laced boots that we can also call “desert boots.” The name, chukka, is derived from polo, meaning a period of play, and were worn by the British during World War II. Today, they can be heavier than the suede original versions, like a workboot, or similar to a riding boot in shape and style.

Gordon RushGordon Rush

These chukkas by Gordon Rush are available in a noticeable bourbon color. They are unique in a soft brushed suede and have an urban, updated shape. Gordon Rush’s boots have a raised rubber sole, which give them a slightly more rugged edge—but without the bulk of the heaviest boots available. These can be found at Bluefly.


These by Tod’s have an elegant feel to them. They may be casual, but they have a lovely smooth, supple appearance and very fine laces. The softly rounded toe makes Tod’s look far less outdoorsy and more refined. They have a slim treaded rubber sole.

MartensDr. Marten’s

With a new slim design, Dr. Marten’s chukkas have fresh appeal. These boots lace to the toe, and are available in black or dark brown. Bicycle stitching adds interest. Such a simple but well-designed item will match with anything in your wardrobe. Available at Zappos for a reasonable $103.95.

EarthEarth Baja 2

Earth shoes have gone to the city in this interpretation of the original ’70s design. Hand-sewn construction means that your shoes will be far more comfortable, not to mention flexible. Another plus in the comfort department for this shoe is the classic Negative Heel Technology, which helps to align your body properly. Did we also mention that they look completely classic and well-shaped? Get your Earth chukka shoes at Zappos for $142.95.