Indochino Makes a Smart Recovery


Some people don’t take criticism well. No matter how well intentioned, or how sensitively put, they see any critical remark as personal. Nothing can be constructive; nothing can be objective.

Kyle Vucko, one of the founders of Indochino, is not one of these people. I’m sure my review of the company’s online suit service, which was certainly critical, did not go down well. At the least, Kyle must have been a little disappointed.

Yet he merely expressed regret at my experience and offered to make every effort to correct it.

Indeed, he took down the ‘Copy Me’ option from the Indochino website immediately. This was one of three options available to a customer looking to get a perfectly fitting suit, and involved measuring a suit you already had that fitted well, so it could be copied. The other two options are to measure yourself and to have a tailor measure you.

The results of the Copy Me process were not good. In my opinion the videos were unclear and the finished suit was a little comical in its fit.

So that option was removed from the site, and Kyle offered to make me another suit that fitted better. The company guarantees a suit that fits perfectly, mine obviously did not, and the fact that the poor fit was in the chest and shoulders made it uneconomic to send the suit back.

So I made my best guess as to the alterations required (this was Kyle’s recommendation, rather than any remeasuring) – one and a quarter inches more on the shoulders, an inch more on the chest and two inches more on the legs.

I got the new suit today, and I have to say the results are not bad. It’s still some way off the bespoke suits I have made in Hong Kong, but it’s a lot better than off-the-peg.

The shoulders are the correct width, though a little tight across the biceps on the top of the sleeve. The chest is broad enough, though a little tight underneath the arms. And it’s a real pleasure to have a trouser waist and sleeve length that are spot on.

I’m not particularly impressed with the material of these suits still, but if you are paying $250 I think this is what you should expect. Those made in Hong Kong are a nicer wool, but then they will start at $350 and have fewer middle men. And it’s unfair to compare either to a $1000 Ralph Lauren suit.

So a smart recovery from Indochino and one that deserves to be written about here, if only for its quality of customer service. I’m unsure whether I would recommend Indochino to a friend, but that is largely because the method by which I arrived at my final suit was not the same one they would use today.


Simon Crompton is a journalist and a style enthusiast living in London, who blogs at He has too many suits.


  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to remark on your last sentence: “I’m unsure whether I would recommend Indochino to a friend, but that is largely because the method by which I arrived at my final suit was not the same one they would use today.”

    I had a similar experience with a set of tailors located in Bangkok. And as a matter of fact I have recommended them since. My first suit was way off, but I was expecting this. There is just no way that something like that can work of the bat.
    I was actually expecting to get a mis-fitting suit that would have to be altered. I therefore added a bit to every measurement to give my alterations tailor a bit of room to work with. I then sent them the alterations that I had made and my second suit was spot on.
    So I guess it has to do with expectations as well. If you set your expectations realistically and decide to work on establishing a tailoring relationship. Then a few suits in you will get “the perfect suit”.

  2. With the method alluded to above, the work appears atleast to be alloted to “tailor families”. Where the order is sent to a family to make up the item. You will never get a perfect fitting suit twice nor consistency. The method is one employed by most tailoring shops in Asia where the work is farmed out to cheap labour with little or no quality control…and is a world away from good tailoring and “the perfect suit”

    The notion alluded above by philipp that ” a few suits in you will get the perfect suit “is testament to that.
    Why should someone have to buy a few before it is right?
    Obviously alterations and tweaks is one thing but basics seem here to have been missed to be able to provide a guy with a suit!

    If you have time or the inclination look up
    The online measuring is HIGHLY recomended only for repeat customers but seriously I welcome anyone to come in and see us, drop us a line/mail. We use only english cloth an sit on the advisory panel for the london college of fashion and believe in art of tailoring and continuing that tradition