Brand Review: Maya Magal


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years of acquiring attire and accessories it’s that my desire for personalisation has matured from being simply a fun distraction to a rather serious and utterly essential requirement. It’s not just about replacing cheap buttons; it’s about using raw material, a base product, to create something individual, and there is so much pleasure in taking something ordinary, and making something … [Read more...]

Cad & The Dandy’s Savile Row Opening


There aren’t many small businesses who are bold enough to ignore superstition. After all, the thing about businesses is that they’re not really ‘businesses’ at all; they’re just collections of human beings, with the same flaws and foibles that all individuals are cursed with. James Sleater and Ian Meiers are certainly human (though I haven’t checked thoroughly) but their approach to their recent elevation to the Mother Church of … [Read more...]

Passaggio Cravatte


“Lift it up” the salesman said. “Feel it - how heavy it is.” Its funny how often weight is a sign of quality. Rather amusing too, how we remark upon the experience of it. “Ooh” we say, climbing into an expensive car “that door was heavy!” or “Did you feel the weight of those binoculars? They won’t be cheap!” “Go on, feel it.” The salesman insisted, placing the suit into my hands. I was in a small and very quiet … [Read more...]

M&S Autumn/Winter 2013 Menswear Collection Review


To say that Marks & Spencer’s 2013 autumn/winter clothing collections were keenly anticipated is a gross understatement. Not that it had anything to do with fashion, mind you. “Has there been a great deal of nervousness around these collections?” I asked an M&S menswear employee at the recent press preview launch at One Marylebone, on a deliciously sunny evening last week. He rolled his lip in a distinctly nonplussed fashion; … [Read more...]

Massimo Dutti NYC Limited Edition Collection


Mention Massimo Dutti to the man on the London street and you get blank looks: “Massi-who?” they say, their face contorted in confusion; “Oh, aren’t they like Zara?” their girlfriend says “I think I read somewhere it’s like Zara.” “Nah” the man responds “don’t know any place like that. Aren’t they Italian or something? I thought Zara was Spanish.” Unless you happen to be an intrepid metropolitan, the likelihood that … [Read more...]