Dragon Inside Suit Review


A short while ago, I conducted an interview with Bobby Miloev, one of the founders of internet tailoring firm Dragon Inside. There followed an opportunity to review the product and so I decided to take the chance to get a mid-grey wool pinstripe single-breasted three-piece with a U-cut waistcoat. The process The first requirement is to choose the fabric for the suit. I was pleased that Dragon Inside not only send you swatches of all … [Read more...]

Internet Tailoring Series: Interview with Bobby Miloev of Dragon Inside


Let's face it. Internet tailoring is like a lottery draw held in the middle of a soggy minefield during an electrical storm: if something can go wrong, it probably will. Taking your own measurements, sending them off to a faceless organisation on the other side of the world, draining your accounts and praying for the best never does sound like much fun. There are so many questions: how good could the fit be without any (basted) fittings? What … [Read more...]

Morning Dress Sunglasses


“I am attending a wedding this summer. I am wearing very traditional morning dress, with a double-breasted waistcoat, pin-contrast collar shirt, silver tie and pocket watch. The only thing is, I am not wearing a top hat as I don’t own a decent silk one – and wouldn’t be seen dead in a felt one – which means, if the weather is fine, that I’ll be perpetually squinting. My question to you is, can I wear sunglasses with traditional … [Read more...]

Matthew A Perry Review


I’ve just had a suit made by Matthew A Perry. No, not that Matthew Perry. This isn’t a random start-up from a former primetime jokester. Matthew A Perry is actually a designer, who has given his name to a group of Shanghai-based “hongbang” tailors, who craft made-to-measure suits for customers around the world. “Hongbang” was the name given to Shanghai garment makers specialising in Western-style suits during the 1920s and … [Read more...]

Brand Review: Maya Magal


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years of acquiring attire and accessories it’s that my desire for personalisation has matured from being simply a fun distraction to a rather serious and utterly essential requirement. It’s not just about replacing cheap buttons; it’s about using raw material, a base product, to create something individual, and there is so much pleasure in taking something ordinary, and making something … [Read more...]