Underwear Styles


Often overlooked by many men, underwear tells a lot about your style to someone that matters the most – yourself. You can wear the most expensive clothes and drive luxury cars but if those little things that only your eyes can see for the most of the time are not presented in the same light as everything else, you are nothing but a fake. Even though we certainly know that you are not the one, there is always space for improvements. That’s why we compiled a list of some of the styles of underwear that you can’t go wrong with.

When it comes to men’s underwear there are actually only three choices to consider: briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. Anything else under your pants (that is not part of your body) is completely improper. Each of these styles has it’s pros and cons but generally every of these three can be tasteful if picked well.


Many consider briefs the least fashionable of all men’s underwear. It is true only if you opt for those over sized whites that you were wearing as a kid. Today, there are some fashionable choices in briefs on men’s underwear market.

Pros: Good support in the nether regions, good for sports, shows your attractive body and good equipment.

Cons: Symbolize boyhood, tight, shows your not very attractive body and weak equipment.


Boxers are considered the most conservative. Still boxers are favoured by majority of men as they provide great comfort. Over the years boxers have improved in style and many brands now make them very visually appealing.

Pros: Comfort, great for leisure time at home and bed, great to wear under dress pants and khakis, classic.

Cons: Considered conserative, bad for sports, weak support for in the nether regions, bulky.

underwear-style-boxer-briefsBoxer briefs

Boxer briefs are obviously combination of boxers and briefs. This style is popular choice these days, especially among younger men as they provide comfort of boxers and support of briefs and are great for sports. Also they are considered very fashionable choice.

Pros: Good support, decent comfort, works under all types of clothes, stylish.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable if too tight, somewhat pricey.