Program Review: Virtual Hairstyles for Men


Ever wondered how would you look if you would fashion the hairstyle that your friend, favorite celebrity, or someone else have. Or even better, try all the  hairstyles you could imagine and find out which one is the most flattering to you before marching off to the corner barbershop. Now, technology gives us such an opportunity. The virtual hairstyles program called “The Hair Styler” enables you to virtually try how the new style will look on you before you do anything drastic with your hair.

This program works on the way that you upload your photo or choose between offered models and than try on within more than hundred hairstyles of celebrities or between hundreds of program’s other popular short, long, or conservative looks. Also you are able to experiment with color and texture changes, and even try on diferent types of beards, moustaches, goatees, and impressive selection of facial hairstyles. This way you are able to virtually experiment with the whole new image that you want to acquire before actually doing any real changes on your look.

Membership in this program also includes hair consultations from hair experts with no additional costs. It also includes styles for both of the sexes, with more women’s on the database, which is quite logical. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly women’s genre of this program. It has impressive catalog of men’s hairstyles of all kinds and shapes and it’s constantly updated. Especially interesting aspect of this program is ability to try on hairstyles of more than hundred famous men. From those of popular actors like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt to black male celebrities like Lenny Kravitz or Chris Rock to classic male celebrity hairstyles of Cary Grant or Elvis Presley.

In closing, The Hair Styler program is a unique way to experiment with your look in a fun way. But beyond fun part, it’s very useful way to try on a new hairstyle or total new look without fear of regrettable outcome. Try Demo of the program below: