In The Fishbowl With Carreducker


Oh does it feel good to be back in London. It's been quite a few months, but last time I was here I profiled James Ducker of Carréducker shoes. This time I thought I would drop in on him at their new digs at No.1 Savile Row, inside Gieves & Hawkes. Because of construction, I turned the corner from Savile Row to use the Vigo street entrance, and was immediately surprised to see they've smacked James' face right on the door. This … [Read more...]

Carry On


Women, in the States at least, are blessed with the functional advantage of it being socially acceptable to carry a handbag. Now that's not to say I haven't been known from time to time to take a small briefcase places where business is the last thing on my mind, but there you have it. Generally when most gents leave the house, they need some combination of phone, cards, cash, and keys. Other paraphernalia for a leisurely life, such as pens, … [Read more...]

Dressing Alone


When you get ready for a night out, a day on the town, or what have you, it's not unusual to want to "dress up" for the special occasion. And yes, we all talk about how we dress for ourselves, not for others, but the true test of that is how you dress at home. I'm not beyond donning sweatpants (no elastic ankles though please) and a sweatshirt at the end of a long day, but I certainly don't feel my best when I do. This weekend saw me holing up … [Read more...]

It’s The Season To be…Confused


Image credit: h(y)r Collective Magazine Yet again the Midwest decides to hit me where it hurts. Unless I've slipped into some temporal phenomenon of which I am completely unaware, it is still the middle of February, no? Here in St. Louis though, the mercury decided it was rising, seasons-be-damned, and with mounds of snow still mucking up the gutters it was sunny and over 70 degrees this week. It might have been beautiful, but it was also … [Read more...]

The Way, Not The What


The internet is full of product guides; some are great, and some not so much. But, while one group of editors may tell you to pull up your trousers and throw on a blue blazer and another group to tuck those trousers into your boots or grab some fingerless gloves, some things remain the same whichever style you choose. There are the "whats" of dressing - jacket, trouser, shoe, accessory choices, &c. - and then there are the "hows" of dressing … [Read more...]