2-Button vs. 3-Button


You may have a healthy mix of two and three-button suits in your closet already, but you still might wonder what works best. Three-button suits might have been more popular in the last decade, but everyone should keep at least one two-button suit around.

If you’re still stumped about what type of suit to choose, read on:

• A man with a shorter torso will appreciate wearing a two-button jacket style. It lengthens your frame, and it has an undeniably classic appeal. Taller men may prefer the three-button jacket, which will reach higher on the chest and could be more comfortable or flattering.

• If you’re a fan of the waistcoat, wear a three-button suit jacket.

• Even two-button, single breasted suit jackets need to be replaced every five years or so. Things can get dated after too much time, even in the simplest styles.

• Whether you choose two or three-button suit jackets, don’t forget that you should always leave the bottom button undone!