Cleaning White Sneakers


Are you loving your white kicks but are disappointed about how they’re already looking dingy? Don’t worry! There are lots of home remedies for cleaning your white sneakers, as well as one perfect product that can work wonders.If you’re quick to toss your sneakers in the washing machine, think again. Although washing your sneakers can get them clean, it can also warp the shoes, harm the uppers, and generally leave them looking worse. Instead, try spot-cleaning your white shoes.

If you’re into products, I highly recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which actually has the potential to turn your summertime white sneakers back to white again. If your shoes are particularly Grey, it’s worth hunting some out at a cleaning supply store or finding it on Amazon. You simply wet the magic eraser and begin rubbing out the stains. Results really are magical. Dingy grey no more!

For those who like home solutions, try baby wipes on leather sneakers. If you wipe them down occasionally after you wear them, you will save yourself work in the long run. Use a toothbrush to scrub them with mild warm water and a mild soap like Murphy’s Oil Soap when you see tough stains, and rinse afterwards. Be sure to leave your shoes to dry in a “natural” position, instead of hanging on a clothesline or a rack. They will keep their shape and look brand new once dry!



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