Cool Clothing Combinations for Summer


Summer is here! With the induction of iced tea, backyard cookouts, and days of endless warmth and light comes the chucking of everything heavy and weighty, including clothing. To help you keep cool, in both temperature and style, we outline five great looks for summer.

On the beach

on the beachFor a great look on the shore, capture the radiance and freedom of the season and the ocean. This summer, loud colors and patterns are in. Choose bright, energetic hues to draw positive attention to yourself. Instead of relying on your old standby swim trunks in boring black, navy, or green, do something spicy! For the truly adventurous, colorful board shorts or trunks adorned with large white or baby blue flowers are an excellent choice. Sporty guys may prefer bright red or blue trunks detailed with bold racing stripes. The man with the verve to wear something lively will always get more looks from the ladies than the fellow in the drab trunks. A light linen or cotton shirt, colorful flip-flops, and sexy, modern sunglasses are all the accessories you need to complete this relaxed look.

Downtown on a Sunday afternoonsunday afternoon

For strolling downtown, casual, relaxed-fit chino beach pants or shorts in a light color are your best bet. Choose a lightweight cotton top, in button-up or polo style, and finish the look off with Converse All Stars, sandals, or flip-flops, depending on how casual you want to be. To maintain an air of refinement, avoid the bulk and busyness of cargo pants. Opt instead for a clean, unfettered line. Light colors will reflect the sun and halo you with a vibrant summer glow.

At the office

The best choice for summer office attire is straight fit pants, a bright shirt with long sleeves, and nice oxfords, loafers, or bucks. If the dress code is more formal, adding a summer blazer in linen, cotton, or twill is a great choice. Unbuttoned, a blazer imparts a relaxed yet pulled-together look; buttoning up will kick up the professionalism and poise. For contrast and flair, pair a dark blazer with light pants, or vice versa. Amp up the color of your shirt. Light blues, greens, corals, and purples will add a fresh crispness to your outfit. Unless the dress code requires it, relax your look by forgoing the tie.casual friday

Casual Friday at work

To segue seamlessly into the weekend, relax your office look by converting to relaxed fit pants and a colorful polo or short-sleeved button-up top. A nice belt and shoes will keep you from appearing too casual, and the clean and easy styling of the clothing will soften the work week edge and let you flow easily into your free time.

nightoutA night out on the town

Many different summer night looks carry high impact, but one of the hottest trends right now is sizzling white that sets off that bronzed skin. Work a white blazer over jeans and a striped shirt or white jeans with a striped shirt and leather sandals. Combine line and color into a bold shirt with punch. This season, stripes are hot and feisty.