Dressing to Look Older


Tired of looking like a schoolboy? Tired of being considered immature? Want to be taken seriously? What you wear does make a difference in how you are treated by the rest of the world. Now, let’s see what to do about this all.

Dressing to look olderThis season’s look is all about sophistication, so if you’re looking to look older, consider taking some cues from current styles and using it to create your own, mature image. If the thought inspires or frightens you, keep in mind that dressing older doesn’t have to mean stuffy. There are plenty of ways to maintain a sophisticated look while still expressing your personal sense of style.

Start by shopping in the men’s section of department stores rather than the junior or teen areas. Go ahead and bypass the stuffy suits, but aim for the tailored, classic looks that tend to withstand time. Jeans with tailored, narrow legs, for example, when paired with a dressy or layered look can add a level of sophistication that is not readily apparent with other styles. When it comes to pants and denim in particular, consider the following: If the top of your underwear is slightly visible, this may or may not be viewed as sexy. If over one third of your underwear is visible, you’re not dressing for maturity. Bag the baggy pants and make the transition into adulthood, or at least early signs of adulthood.

Also, consider khaki and other casual-yet-dressy pants. These transition well from work to an evening out, and are a wardrobe staple. If you want to look older, you don’t need to invest in a three-piece suit, but you should at least be able to pull together some dress pants and a sport coat. There are many colors to choose from, and you can combine a funkier sport coat with khakis or jeans to create a personalized, yet older look.

As mentioned, the layered look is always in, and creating it is easy to do. All you need are a few items of clothing, beginning with an undershirt or dress shirt, vest, sweater, or sport jacket, and you’re all set. This look also transitions easily from day to evening on an autumn night without the need for an extra coat. You can tie a sweater around your neck (this doesn’t have to be as preppy as it sounds–shop around for looks that you like) or take advantage of one of this year’s hot accessories, the scarf, to create a unique look.

Dressy doesn’t have to be stuffy. An old pair of faded jeans (sans holes) paired with a black leather jacket or sport coat and black tie can create a sophisticated, dressy look without looking like it’s too dressy. This look may not be ideal for church or a wedding, but it is an easy way to quickly dress up your normal look without sacrificing style. Also use shoes to your advantage. Many of the season’s sleek styles add an air of sophistication to any look.

Take inspiration from rockers of yesteryear and lean toward the “bad boy” look if you’re unsure about the options already mentioned. Again, a pair of jeans with a leather jacket is a timeless look that is youthful but doesn’t scream “young.”

As you create your new look, look to others and current styles for inspiration, then add your own unique flair to give your look your own personal sense of sophistication that can’t be bought in a store.