Dressing to Look Taller


You may not have any control over your height, but you can use tricks to add an illusion of extra height whenever you want. Before you even get to the clothes, you’ll need to brush up on the basics. Sorry, but what’s the point of spending cash on clothes that you’re going to slouch all over?

It’s true: a middle aged spread that you may have needs to go. Hit the gym a little harder to reduce your central stomach bulge the best you can. When your tummy is larger, people’s eyes are draw straight to your center and won’t move vertically. Watch your posture no matter what your height, because you get a few freeby inches just there.

Other tips to look taller for all the guys out there include:

• Choose clothes that fit.

This one shouldn’t be ignored. If you’ve never seen a tailor, get thee to one asap. A tailor works with plenty of unique individuals, including those who have the same stature as you, and will be more than happy to lend his expertise to get you looking great.

• Try monochromatic tones.
The more colors you wear, the more serious this rule actually is. While you may love black, charcoal, and brown, try wearing outfits that marry similar tones or shades. Wearing similar colors from head to toe will create slimming vertical lines, especially if you choose shoes in a similar color as well.

• Chameleonize yourself.

Yeah, I made that word up, but the concept is certainly older than I am. If you’re on the shorter side, you may want to shy away from intense prints and bright colors, at least as an all-over deal. You’ll draw more attention to yourself, but possibly not in a good way. You can try making a statement with another technique instead. Aim for impeccable tailoring, dashing style, and a little panache to make people notice you, but not for them to be able to pick you out of a crowd. Vintage finds and new design finds all fit the bill here.

• Try visually slimming techniques.

V-necks will add length to your torso and will make you look leaner in general. If your wear your pants at your hips, you can easily add the illusion of length.

• Avoid shoes that add height.
Don’t go to Tom Cruise-like lengths to add lifts to your shoes for added height. Not only are they pretty obvious, but they’re definitely not comfortable. Focus on shoes with a slightly thicker sole and smooth, clean lines instead.

• Consider individual items’ lengths.
Even if you’ve got the shoes and the colors down, you’ll want to think about how each piece looks on you. Even your suit jacket can make you look inches shorter, and who wants that?
Look for suit jackets that fall just past your hips. Avoid anything that’s too short, and stay away from long jackets, as they’ll make your legs look positive stumpy. Pair your jackets with flat-front trousers to keep you looking slim and trim.