Dressing Young with Style


I have to admit; I’m 34, and when I go out to the mall, which, they make empty promises of it being for everyone, but in truth it is proliferated with teenagers and young twenty-somethings looking to drop hundreds of dollars of their (or their parents) money on trinkets such as expensive jeans and the latest couture in sneakers. OK, if you’re my age, or close or around to it you’ve probably thought about buying those items, just to reclaim your romanticized notions of youth or to conspicuously show those teenagers that you still know a thing or two about fashion. But to them you don’t, and perhaps never will. Who (if anyone) you should be trying to impress are the younger women in their late twenties, your boss, and potential business contacts. Don’t dress for the New York minute concerns of young kids, dress for the image of balanced style.

These are few of our suggestions as to how you can have the timeless look, yet still remain somewhat “fashion forward” per se:

• Skip on the expensive sneakers; invest in classic sneakers like Stan Smith or Jack Purcell. Quite honestly, those overpriced sneakers can always be found on sale somewhere, eventually, and don’t last that long.

• If you have to invest in denim, go for quality and a dark rinse. Writers are quick to talk about Japanese denim, yet no one really knows what that is. Selvage denim is another ambiguous term. If you’re not that “deep” into fashion terminology, stick with the old tried and true favorites; if you’re into the European labels they all have jeans that are conservative yet rather serious and very luxurious all at the same time. If you can’t afford that stuff go for the higher end of Calvin Klein, Polo, etc. Most of us just know we need something that fits and you can sleep in; keep it that simple, don’t complicate matters.

• Bright colors are OK, but find ways to implement them into your daily wardrobe, rather than trying to reinvent your look. Match a bright sweater or t-shirt with your usual dark jeans. Pair a grey pair of trousers with a pink shirt. That type of thing.

You shouldn’t dress with the wild abandon of your younger days anymore. But what you can do is maintain a clean look that has threads of what’s chic by fashion standards along with the mature, responsible look of an adult.

– Chris Kendalls