Primer to Men’s Espadrilles


Espadrilles originated in France, in the Pyrenees, and are casual sandals with a rope or rope-like sole. Usually constructed of canvas or cotton, espadrilles have a highly distinctive shape and look.

Espadrilles require a complex construction procedure. The soles are braided with a machine, and then are shaped into soles which are shaped and set by heat. The bottom of the shoe is specially treated by a vulcanization method, and is finished with more jute rope.

Espadrilles can be worn in the summer with ease. Try a simple tee, a pair of cool shorts, and your espadrilles to walk along the beach in comfort. If you hate walking around in flip flops due to comfort issues or you simply hate the sound, espadrilles are easy to walk in on the seashore.

Choose from Different Types of Espadrilles

Espadrille Slip-On Loafers
Slip-on loafers are your perfect comfy solution for the beach, casual weekends, and traveling. These shoes are what first come to mind when mentioning espadrilles. They are easy to clean and have an ethnic flair that adds a little interest to your look. With a closed back and closed toes, these espadrilles protect your feet while being totally comfortable.

Espadrille Mules
Espadrille mules are slip-on shoes with an open back. They’re great shoes for lounging, but you may want to try the slip-on loafers, above, if you’ll be walking on loose footing like gravel, dirt, or sand.


• Get several pairs of espadrilles to match different styles. Some espadrilles are surprisingly refined, so don’t imagine that they are all just chunky shoes in rope and leather. Espadrilles are also available in shapes similar to boat shoes, with very slim soles and basic, smooth canvas.

• Research for inspiration. Find photos of stylish French men in the ’20s and ’30s who lounged beachside with a variety of espadrille styles, and with daring ensembles to match.