How to Pick and Wear a Belt


Men’s belts are such simple accessories; you wouldn’t think choosing them would require much thought. It doesn’t have to, but since the little details have a lot to do with the impact of your overall look, going beyond the basics can help you distinguish yourself stylewise and avoid common mistakes that dull otherwise good looks. The following ideas will help you pick the best belt for any occasion.


For summer, light-colored suits or a combination of blazer and pants, one dark and one light, works well. Try a sand-colored suit with brown belt and shoes. (Just as your socks should always match your pants, your belt should always match your shoes.) For a more pulled-together look, go with black pants, a colorful striped shirt, light gray blazer, and black belt and shoes. Dressier belts are pretty much always brown or black, ranging from smooth to braided, woven, or embossed. A bit of texture can complement an outfit without much pattern. When wearing busier shirts, though, choose a belt with little to no texture. A brown/black reversible belt is a cost-effective and perfectly acceptable choice for your wardrobe. A belt of high quality should last you a lifetime.


For dressy occasions, black belt and shoes are the way to go. To increase panache, focus color and attention-drawing details in the tie, handkerchief, or jewelry. You want to keep a more formal look crisp and modern, so be sure to reflect this with your choice of belt. In general, avoid textured or decorated belts for formal occasions.


With casual clothing, belts are optional, though they always imply slightly more effort put into your look. White jeans are very hot right now, and a great way to wear them is with a brown belt and brown leather sandals. This look is free, beachy, and stylish. You can get a little more experimental with weekend wear; try more eye-catching detailing, such as heavy braiding, weaving, or punch-outs in the leather. Light-colored or blue pants can be offset nicely with one of summer’s colorful striped belts. From sporty to nautical to just plain loud, this season’s casual belts are fun and splashy. To accomplish a harder-edged look, try belts with grommets or metal detailing. These go well with dark jeans.

Whatever the occasion, the right belt pulls an outfit together and supports the look you’re going for.

Since belts are one of those items that can be bought online without fear of choosing the wrong size, it would be wise to purchase them online past the troubles of traditional shopping.



  1. What direction should a belt be threaded into the belt loops?

  2. Agreed. Your title says ‘How to Pick and Wear a Belt’ and yet you never say how to wear it.

  3. Men’s belts should be threaded to the right and women’s belts are threaded to the left. (follow the direction of your zipper or button placket on your pants)