Newbie Jeans Tips


One of the great fashion staples that goes with just about anything, stylish jeans are an essential component of the modern man’s wardrobe. Though building a great look around denim is relatively simple, there are some common traps men fall into when selecting jeans. The following tips will help you avoid these pitfalls and choose the most fashionable denim to complement any look.


One of the worst mistakes you can make with jeans is to wear a pair that is too short. Or too long. Pants should cover the ankles and touch tops of the shoes. While relaxed jeans of a certain ilk can be attractive, straight-leg, regular, or slightly slimmer fits are generally much more flattering. Low-rise jeans, which have been popular with women for several years now, are also becoming more popular with men. If this look suits you, work it. It can be very sexy. Seek out jeans that fit well and have a nice drape to them.


Another simple element that can make or break a pair of jeans is color. For the most part, dark denim is more becoming than light. The standard mid-blue denim color is fine, but anything much lighter starts to lean toward the 80s acid-washed look. This can work if you pull it off well, but it’s much easier to wear darker denim. Darker blue is cleaner and dressier in general, and can even be worn with a nice shirt and blazer for a more formal occasion. The exception to the color rule is stylish white denim, which is summer’s staple.


When you try on a new pair of jeans, take a look at the back pockets. They should flatter your backside, not optically flatten it, stretch it, or shrink it. Carpenter and cargo styles are rarely flattering; you should definitely avoid them if you want a slicker, more polished look. They tend to add clutter and break clean lines that lengthen and flatter. Contrast-color stitching, in red, baby blue, or yellow, can add flair to otherwise basic jeans but these should be looked upon with caution. Some amount of fading in the denim adds character, but too much can appear trashy. The fading and wear that occurs through normal wear and tear is the best.


Almost anything, from a white t-shirt to a lustrous button-up top, goes with jeans. The best choices are shirts with basic colors and patterns, solid or striped knit tops, and simple t-shirts. Avoid pairing a denim top with jeans. Matching denims will dull down your look, and non-matching denims will most likely clash. Almost any kind of shoes, including sandals, sneakers, oxfords, loafers go with jeans.