Newbie Guide to Men’s Leather Clothing


Remember Friends episode where Ross decided to buy a pair of tight leather pants for a date? While cuddled with his date on the couch, he started sweating profusely. Becoming increasingly uncomfortable, he went to the bathroom, took down his pants and started fanning his legs to cool off. When he tried to pull his tight pants back up they wouldn’t fit. He frantically called Joey to help him on how to get out of this mess. Antics ensued when he tried to rub lotion and then powder on his legs to try to slip those leather pants back on. He eventually emerged from the bathroom to the horror of his date with his leather pants around his ankles and a pasty mess covering his legs announcing that he “had a little problem”. Are you afraid to wear leather clothing? Don’t worry guys, with a few tips you can avoid any “little problems”.

Men’s leather clothing is hot this season. Designers are using leather in their winter and fall collections more than ever. In addition to men’s leather clothing being a hot fashion trend, it is also…hot. Leather is a winter fabric not intended for warm environments. There is a right and wrong way to wear it as well as a right and wrong time. Do not wear overly tight leather, wear it comfortably. A good fit can make all the difference between looking elegant and looking scary. Men sporting the correct leather look exude confidence, strength and sophistication.

Do not overdo it. A little leather can go a long way toward making a positive statement while a lot of it can look, just wrong. Do not do a full head to toe leather look unless you are going to an S & M club. Don’t get it with lots of zippers or stitching. Keep it simple with clean lines and stick to no more than two focal pieces.

Most designers who showed their winter line incorporated some or a lot of leather clothing into their men’s collections. Roberto Cavalli and Versace used it prominently in their collections. Versace used it to show how it can be suitable for business as well as fun, pairing leather pants with a monochromatic shirt and tie. However, leather in the workplace are still not accepted. Unless you’re a rock star or work in a more liberal work place, leather pants are not suitable for the office. Save them for the night out on the town. When you opt for leather pants, ultra masculine is the way to go. Don a heavy sweater or turtle neck and blazer with black leather pants and boots.

The most versatile piece of leather clothing from day time to play time is the coat or vest. Gucci’s use of a black leather vest over a casual, long sleeved shirt is for the poised, casual man. A double-breasted, black trench leather coat is the perfect compliment to a business suit or casual slacks and turtleneck. Variations of this were seen all over the catwalk this season. Valentino used a notch collared blazer paired with denim pants and shirt for the ultimate in cowboy chic. The classic motorcycle jacket was often featured as the perfect partner to jeans and a pull over shirt for casual occasions.

Men’s leather hats are back and big this season. Fedoras and flat caps are the most popular looks in leather. Choose a fedora to wear with a trench coat or business suit, wearing it square on your head for a confident air. Flat caps look sharp with all casual attire. Sport a leather cap with your favorite casual slacks, sweater and scarf. Don’t forget the gloves for those chilly days. Formal and casual looks are ideal for a well fitting pair of gloves in brown or black.

Quality leather clothing is not inexpensive. Cow hide is the most available type of leather. It is durable but can be stiff and is more available in black than any other color. Cow is usually high quality and you can find more affordable quality leathers in cow than any other skin. Lambskin is a finer, lighter type of leather that is better served for form fitting clothes and is ideal for today’s modern fashions. Lambskin can be a bit pricier but the softness and fall of the clothing make it worth the expense. Choose dark colors. Black is the prevailing color this year but brown or dark blue is also in style.



  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    Good article. Very true with respect to leather pants: they are an edgy but completely viable fashion item that can be dressed way up or down [aka: versatile], look great on the right person and offer unsurpassed comfort in cooler weather. Perfect for the guy who wants to step out of the de rigeur casual look of “dockers” and polo shirts. However, as the article suggests, just be careful where you wear them; most offices are too conservative to embrace an edgy look.