The Denim Blazer


A half-French colleague of mine recently gave me an efficient lowdown on Nîmes: “Easily the snobbiest city in France - outside of Paris, of course.” “It’s not really a proper city either” she said  “it’s just a town. I think the people of Nîmes want you to think it is a city though, to think it is important.” It’s not hard to see why local residents might think a lot of themselves. Nîmes is an ancient place, civilised … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Back Blading a Tie


When my father taught me to tie my tie, I remember how he would fiddle with my meagre attempts; shaping the knot, positioning it in the exact centre of the collar, standing back to inspect. I was a rather impetuous little scamp in my youth and did not sufficiently appreciate the lesson he was providing, the result of which is that I have not altered my method of tying ties since childhood; a simple four-in-hand with as small a knot as … [Read more...]

Preparing for Summer


I am rather excited at present, and full of good feeling for my favourite season is about to begin. Though others hold their own delights, to my mind, summer possesses the grandest months in the calendar. Though much of my memory of summers is relatively distant - the weather has been appalling in Blighty for the past two - I still hold hope for the coming season being one of brilliance and glory. It is not simply that it is warmer and brighter … [Read more...]

Go Pleated or Go Home


Credit: Although I have been called all sorts of derogatory names by the dandy underworld - ‘sloppy sartorialist’ was one of the kinder monikers - the rest of humankind thinks of me as some kind of faddish perfectionist. One of their favourite curiosities? My liking for pleated trousers. When it comes to suits, my feeling is that the cut and style of the trouser is at least as important as the jacket. I’m … [Read more...]

A Case for Seersucker


I know that some of you are just starting to reach a tentative armistice with snow and ice, but in the Deep South, spring has done sprung. The dogwoods are in bloom. Everything is in bloom, really; every car from Dallas to Charleston has enough pollen stuck to it to keep the Claritin folks in business for the year. Temperatures are bottoming out in the 70s, and on Easter Sunday, color came back to men's wardrobes. After months of cold, dark, … [Read more...]