Find a Pair of Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


Looking for a hot pair of shades that will really flatter your face? Try these different shapes and styles to find the pair of sunglasses that works for your face shape.

Traditional Rounded

Traditional frames will flatter a round or oval face successfully. Your face will appear slightly thinner if you choose a pair of sunglasses with brow bars, such as a bold pair from Jack Spade. For one of the most classic shades around, wear a pair like the Jack Spade Chad style (



Wear square sunglasses for a diamond or oblong face shape, such as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Be sure to shorten your face with sunglasses that do not extend past the widest part of the cheekbones.


Traditional Aviators

Sunglasses with teardrop shaped lenses look especially good on someone with a square face. They will soften up the jawline and forehead. Try Ray-Ban’s classic aviators or one of the jazzed-up versions from Dior (pictured).


The “New” Aviators (Slightly Squared)

The newest style of aviators that are surfacing have a squared off, more angular shape. This can really flatter a rounder face, because the vertical lines of the lenses will create the illusion of length. The brow bars on the aviator style makes the face look thinner as well. The Karen Walker Bullet sunglasses, pictured, are a great example of this new aviator style, and are available for under $200.



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