The Last Word In Accessorising Goes To The Pen



The strictures on what constitutes being ‘well dressed’ allow men a few items of apparel. These are:

-A watch;

-Cuff links;

-A tie clip –although that depends on who you talk to;

-Belts and braces; and

-A wallet

I would add a pen to this list.

The advent of chip and pin, e-mail and auto-signing documents have all but removed the requirement for committing pen to paper for most men. But that shouldn’t deter you from investing in a decent bit of writing apparel.

Some of you may spend your days signing off on multi-million pound business deals; a few of you may one day sign treaties of national and international importance. But whether or not your life takes such a path, the fact remains that the most important things a man ever does will still require his signature.

Whether it is penning a rare letter to a loved one or a note of condolence; signing that contract for your first job; the deeds to your first home; your child’s names on their birth certificate or putting your name to a marriage certificate, it becomes the embodiment of your own personal history and your time on this planet. As such it is something to pass on to your heirs and successors.

In my view a man who understands this truly possess style and flair, particularly in a world where cheap convenience makes it easier not to make the effort or indulge the expense. I haven’t worn a watch for years, and I can live without cuff links – although I prefer not to. But owning and writing with a beautifully crafted pen is one of the few old world pleasures left to modern men, we should embrace it.


Andrew Williams blogs at BespokeMe and is based in London. His clothing label Bulldog & Wasp represents his philosophy that style is a frame of mind not just a state of dress.


  1. Amen! The pen is definitely an overlooked item in a man’s wardrobe. Once you get past the MontBlanc craze, there are many beautiful, practical and affordable pens out there. Waterman and Michael’s Fat Boys are my favorites.

  2. Vinit Gupta says:

    Yes.. in fact i put the pen second only to the watch. without a good pen, a man’s look is incomplete.

    @ Alan: i think montblancs are beautiful pens. there are definately other good pens. my wife just gifted me a beautiful cerutti.. not very expensive but a good thick and heavy pen.

  3. Náuticos Blancos says:

    Is a pen the same thing as a fountain pen?

  4. i go nowhere without a fountain pen.

  5. Nauticos,
    I primarily meant a pen to mean a fountain pen. But, be it fountain, ball point or roller ball, anyone who invests in a beautiful piece of writing apparel simply for the pleasure of using it, and makes it an essential part of their wardrobe is a stylish fellow in my view.The devil is always in the detail.

  6. Náuticos Blancos says:

    Thank you Andrew for your answer. My english is still so poor. I write with fountain pen since I was a student in 1980. I have several from Shaeffer and Waterman.

  7. Any recommendations? I’d like to buy an investment pen but I dislike heavy pens.

  8. Náuticos Blancos says:

    Hello Jim.
    Please, have a look to that incredible Conway Stewart fountain pens, also available in roller ball.

  9. Náuticos Blancos says: