Tie Clips Primer


Tie claspTie clips are essential for keeping your tie in place and adding a special bit of style. They are great for someone on the move, so if you’re getting out of your seat at the office, presenting at conferences, or meeting with clients, you’ll always look neat and put-together.

The Basics

These little clips are very handy accessories and can make your workwear look far more professional and polished. The tie clip, also known as the tie clasp, is worn by clipping horizontally across the tie and on to the shirt beneath.

Tie clips can sometimes be confused with their counterparts, the tie pin. Tie pins actually penetrate the tie to fasten through a buttonhole, while a tie clip does not go through the fabric of the tie. For those of us who tend to invest heavily in our neckwear, the tie clip is an attractive option to extend the life of a special tie. Over time, a tie pin can damage a necktie, but the chance of that happening is far less likely with a tie clip.

How to Wear a Tie Clip

To have your tie clip look balanced, it should measure 3/4ths the width of your tie. When placing your tie clip, try to place it just above your top jacket button so that it can be seen, but so it doesn’t look overly close to the knot of the tie.

Tie clips add the perfect touch to any tie, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the proper tie clip that best accents a tie. If you prefer classic looks, then a simple gold or silver tie clip will accent your look well. Simple tie clips look good with tailored white dress shirts, all solid colors, and even understated patterns.

Tie clips don’t necessarily need to be simple, though. They can grab a little attention and finish off a look in a far more professional manner even if they’re slightly more stylish. Try textured patterns, tiny rhinestones, or striped designs to your liking. You can even add a personalized touch with engraved initials or special symbol.

Where to Buy

Get classic tie clips from high-end providers for ultimate style. While simple tie clips look alike, the most upscale pieces will have an extra flourish to get you noticed, whether it’s a tiny emblem, subtle design, or well-placed logo. Gucci, Raffaello, and Mon Art all carry very beautiful, polished tie clips for every dress shirt and occasion.

Find jazzed-up designs from Forzieri.com, whose collection includes highly decorative designs alongside slightly more novelty pieces. Choose from a tie clip with an interesting geometric design, or one with a miniature set of golf clubs.

Tips to Consider

Shop for your tie clip with matching cufflinks. If you have found a classic style tie clip which you’ll wear again and again, investing in complementing cufflinks will give you even more style. Just be careful when considering a novelty tie clip, as they may be too noticeable to benefit from the added effect of matching cufflinks. In that case, it might be more effective to wear complimentary ones of a similar motif or design without actually matching.

Quality is extremely important when choosing a tie clip. It’s an accessory that will get you noticed again and again, and also one that you will most likely wear for some time to come. Good quality tie clips come in sterling silver and gold, as well as some with semi-precious stones like onyx.

If you are looking to create a casual effect with your workwear, a tie clip may not be the best accessory. They dress up your look and add a certain degree of sophistication that doesn’t look quite at home with more casual looks. If you are set on wearing a tie clip with your casual duds, try one with slightly more novelty appeal to add personality.