Tuxedo: Styles and Wearing Primer


tuxedo-styles-peaked-notched-shawlThere has always been something magical about a man in a tuxedo. Tuxedo simply means the most grandiose appearance possible for a man. Man in a tuxedo is never allowed to go wrong.

To make it clear, tuxedo is a men’s suit that involves a jacket, pants, bow tie, and often cummerbund or waistcoat. Tuxedo is worn on formal events like weddings, formal dinner parties, going to formal restaurants, attending the opera, ballet, or any other event that states such dress code on the invitation you received.

There is great variety of tuxedo styles available today, but when it comes to tuxedo the experimentation is not the best way to go. That’s why it is best to stick with these two tuxedo styles: the peaked lapel, and the shawl lapel. Notched lapels style is also very common in recent years, esspecially in the United States, but generaly isn’t considered bona fide style suited for formal occasions. Variety of tuxedos manifests in choice of color too. Sound advice is to stick with the black, or eventually with a deep blue which looks almost black under the lights. White tuxedo should only be worn in summer or warm climates.

Of course there is always that classic tux, black, one or two buttons with a shimmering satin lapel, a timeless version of style that brings Bogart immediately to mind. But, times have changed. These days’ tuxedos can be also collarless; dressing the younger set accompanied by flashy cravats or brightly colored and textured waistcoats. Take careful consideration while choosing whether you will be sporting a tie, cravat with a body trimming or waistcoat. Matching all these accessories in a creative fashion will give you your own unique style created with a custom flair. Monochromatic colors are in style as is adding a hint of different shade in the vest or cravat, or even lapel edges.

Your body type should also be considered when choosing tuxedo style. Slimmer men could opt for double breasted tuxedo styles that will generally make them look larger, single breasted styles will give the illusion of longer lines and a slimming appearance. It’s important to note that only single-breasted jacket with one or two buttons is considered real tuxedo.

Black formal pants worn with the tux must not have cufs, or even belt loops. Dress shirts of either white or black color will compliment and show off you tux, with details of ruffles or pleats. Dress shirts should be made of silk or cotton. You can choose between wing or down collars. Dress shirts should always have to be accessorized with the cufflinks. Shoes must be given careful consideration. Shoes worn with the tuxedo must be very formal and those are either dress lace-up shoes or patent leather shoes. Don’t forget the matching silk socks.

A tuxedo is by far the fashion mainstay of the sophisticated man who wants to stand apart from the crowd. You may not be loaded but by wearing one you can look and feel like a million dollars.