A Quick Guide to Wearing Sandals


If there’s one thing that probably has bothered every guy at one time or another, it’s coordinating sandals with both casual and dressy outfits. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what goes with what, how to complement your very favorite outfit with sandals, and—even worse—exactly how to get your feet into sandal shape.

Years of sandal stress have helped me compile a short list of things we should—and should not—do when wearing sandals this spring. Use them to get your summer wardrobe right from head to toe.

1. Mind the matching: Remember that your sandals still need to match with what you’ve got on. Invest in a pair in neutral colors before buying them in, say, lime green—neutrals will match with everything.

2. Repress the inner cheapskate: Just because you can find cheap sandals anywhere doesn’t mean you should buy them. Try mid-priced brands like Cole Haan or Kenneth Cole.

3. Get beachy: If you’re headed to the beach, wear those flip flops with pride. Otherwise, try other sandals like slides.

4. Go bare: Two words—No Socks. It’s just not flattering.

5. Wear on vacation
: Sandals are footwear of choice for summer vacations. Forget the shoes completely on those vacations with plenty of sun and water. You can wear them even at night. Just remember to pack a pair of dressier leather slides to suit any impromptu event.



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