Common Types of Men’s Wallets


What’s in a wallet is money, of course! And since this is the accessory you will be flashing every time you lay some down, you want it to look nice and suit your outfit. While there are only a few basic types of men’s wallets, there is a world of variety within these classifications.bifold


The simplest type of the wallets, sleek, modern, and minimalist bifolds have the decided advantage of not causing a strange bulge in your pocket. This makes them the perfect wallet to carry when going out on the town. You won’t want to carry more than some cash and a few cards in a bifold. You can find them with no pockets, multiple pockets, and anything in between.

wallets trifoldTrifold

With more room for credit cards, ID cards, and cash, trifold wallets are good for traveling.  They often have little zipper pockets for storing change. No matter what kind of wallet you choose, you should definitely avoid overstuffing it. A crammed wallet looks messy and disorganized, even if it’s not. Take out collected receipts and cards you don’t use regularly.

credit holder

Credit Card Holder

For men who would rather keep their wallets thin, storing credit cards in a separate holder is a great option. Credit card holders are normally small bifold or one-case metal holders, just big enough to hold five to ten cards. You can keep it in your jacket pocket, where it will be out of the way and unobtrusive.

Money Clipmoney clip

Those who would rather not have to dig out their wallets may opt for a small money clip to keep money folded and gathered in the front pants pocket. This allows for quick and easy access and no fuss. Some wallets come with money clips built in. A money clip can be a great little flashy accessory. A sleek silver or gold one looks very modern, and those with more elaborate ornamentation, such as onyx or turquoise stones or engraving, pack an even bigger style punch.


Men’s Wallets can be found in a range of fabrics, from nylon and microfiber to classic leather. The former styles are best reserved for more casual events, while the best choice for evening or dressy occasions is leather in black, brown, or mahogany. Make sure your wallet fits in with the feel of your outfit. If you’re wearing brown and yellow tones, carry a brown or red wallet instead of black. For more formal occasions to which you wear black, go with the black wallet. Pulling out a mismatched wallet can deaden the impact of a great outfit. Current trends lean toward smaller wallets. A wallet too large in size appears cluttery and stuffy. Texture can work very well, but is best reserved for slightly more experimental outfits with flair.

Purchasing a few wallets to suit various types of outfit will allow you to flex and bend as the occasion demands. YOOX.COM has a great selection of trendy designer wallets at discount prices.